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14.03.2018| News

Condotel: Business type that attracts many investors

Condotel has made a spectacular "jump" in the real estate market, despite its recent appearance in just a few years. This type of business quickly demonstrates its attractiveness to the developers by offering remarkable profits and distinctive design style.

Double your profits from effective investment channel

In spite of being a "newcomer" in the property market, condotel fever is changing the the market landscape. In addition to relaxation, investors can make profit from renting and owning condotels with the added value over time. The advantage is a remarkable plus for this new form of business.

In the past, you had to rent a hotel or resort when taking a trip. Now, thanks to condotel business model, you can rest in “your own home” during the holiday. Situated on beautiful and famous beaches, the condotel offers “homeowners” different lifestyle and travel experience.

Condotel created a wave of investment in the real estate market

Through the eyes of investors, condotel is also a investment channel that provides attractive source of income for property owners. According to real estate professionals, investors need to grasp "golden" factors such as the project owner, condotel location as well as the design style in order to make the right decision at the right time. Beautiful perspectives in the early days of the condotel promotion will help them have smart investment choice and then increase profits.

Reflect living space inside multi-million-dollar condotel

The design style is comprised of classic, modern, luxurious and elegant beauty. They look really harmonious in the style of condotel. Thanks to Fresh House’s qualified visualizers, Cocobay Danang became a successful model of condotel type, attracting many investors and visitors.

Cocobay Da Nang deserves to be the best architectural masterpiece in the past year

Furthermore, Fresh House also provides the endless inspiration of living and hospitality space through VR interaction powered by UE4 technology. In detail, Coco Skyline Resort delivers the smart architecture and interior where visitors can explore the beautiful landscape in Danang beach. Also, Coco Música Resort brings out festive atmosphere with various parties. Using the Pop-Art style and random line arrangements, Coco Música Resort is striking with youthful and proactive appearance. And, Coco Wonderland Resort is also outstanding in the language of design inspired by magnificent palaces in fairy tales.

Fresh House renders architecture and  interior that contributes to the success of Cocobay Complex

Owning the technological "weapons"  applied in real estate industry, Fresh House confidently made a big move that is changing the habit of customer product experience. The interior arrangement in harmony with decor and lighting are attractive features that condotel uses to increase the attractiveness for investors from the stage of project promotion. After that, customers will see project strengths to boldly capitalize their budget. As a result, marketing and sales are also rapidly supported and increased.

Thanks to a set of 3D architectural perspectives, Fresh House simulates the ideal condotel model, showing out its luxurious and striking beauty ... In conclusion, the condotel rendered by Fresh House deserves the name of condotel masterpiece in Vietnam.

Cocobay’s architectural movie is an outstanding proof to show experience and expertise of Fresh House