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27.01.2018| News

Fresh House - Year In Review 2017

End of the year is the ideal time we recap all best moments of a whole year working and dedicating to various projects. Therefore, Fresh House is proud to showcase you our happy clients, amazing works, and joyful activities in 2017.

1. One year with real estate marketing solutions
In the past four years, Fresh House has offered clients with numerous marketing/sales solutions regarding real estate products. It can be said that a successful sales campaign could not lack high-qualified rendered images, architectural movies and VR | Interactive Solutions. Thus, 2017 has marked the firm development of Fresh House which gradually nurtures the brand love and responsibility in our happy clients.
In detail, Empire Group, TTG Holding, Kusto Group and Gamuda Land are those property developers that had used our high-quality rendering service. 3D Still Image has made a breakthrough in rendering aspect which brings the beautiful corner of projects to clients. It would be the best opportunity for clients to convey living space to key investors or buyers. Take a quick look at some notable visualization projects in 2017!

Lancaster Eden – TTG Holding

Diamond Island – Kusto Group

Celadon City – Gamuda Land

Sunwah Tower – Sunwah Group

Along with Still Image, Fresh House continuously produced architectural movies. In marketing campaigns, project owner and real estate retailers have taken advantages of media platforms such as TVC, Youtube, Facebook to advertise the project. All essential information has been fully conveyed to the end users within few minutes or seconds displayed. Thanks to this advantage, famous property owners such as  PV Invest, KienA, VAITHANLAND… confidently cooperated with us in 2017.
Let's see some striking architectural movies made by Fresh House!

Little Village – PV Invest

CitiEsto – KienA

Cocobay TVC – Empire Group


Especially, Fresh House is one of the Vietnamese agents that catch up newest trend in order to offer breakthrough products to clients. Particularly, Virtual Reality - Interactive Touchscreen is the key service that we apply for interior visualization in the virtual world. The immersive living space is powered by UE4 and built-in HTC Vive headset.  It has been delivering best opportunities for customers to have a detailed virtual tour. Studio Apartment - Lancaster Lincoln is our 2017 VR project that TTG Holdings partnered up with us in 2017.

Our VR products also help to show immersive room with all corners in the high-end Loft apartment through 360 degree experience.

2. The joyful journey with CSR activities and amusement events
In 2017, Fresh House continues our voluntary journeys to spread love to difficult people. The Centers for the Protection of the Elderly, Disable and Mentally Handicapped People are the next destination in CSR program. During this voluntary trip, Duc Anh (Director of Fresh House) shared: "The program always bring unforgettable emotions to our staff. Besides, this is also the motivation for each year to develop our business that can support community activities more.
Also, Fresh House also maintains Teambuilding, festive events or monthly staff birthday. Because we understand that employees are the most valuable asset of any firm. It is the right time that we share joyful moments after stressful working hours.
Watch our happy moments in 2017 through many programs!

Flower Gifiting in Women Day

Teambuilding in Dalat City 

Birthday party for our staff

3. Year End Party - A meaningful review of company development
Year End Party 2017 of Fresh House is coming nearly! Laying down projects and deadlines, this is the perfect occasion for us to meet, greet and review a successful 2017. Year End Party program is promising to bring cheerful moments to all participants. It will be held on January 27, 2018, at Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint. Remember to update our fan page and company website to see more.

2017 has become a big memorable milestone in the development of Fresh House. This year we have achieved much success in maintaining service quality and expanding VR package for real estate projects. Thanks to that, we have received high trust from the real estate developers in Vietnam and globe.We hoped that 2018 will maintain the position of an expert providing perfect marketing solutions for the property industry.