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14.03.2018| News

Investment trend in high-end condotels in 2018

Condotel that is the combination of condo and hotel becomes trending property investment type in Vietnam. It delivers you wonderful living and hospitality experience. Owing to 3D visualization and animation film from Fresh House, condotel looks more striking and attractive at first sight.

The "throne" of the condotel in the real estate market

Recently, the real estate market has seen a strong boom in the condotel segment. The rapid growth of condotel in 2017 continues to show the vibrant development of the unique property type, especially in the touristy cities and locals planned into the special economic zone.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Construction, from early 2015 to now, the country has about 25,639 condotels and officetel apartments. From 2017 to 2019, about 27,000 - 29,000 condotels may be launched each year.

In exclusive economic zones such as Nha Trang, Da Nang and travel destinations such as Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet ... condotel segment has been growing very strongly with the fact that product offerings in 2018 increase many times. In particular, in Da Nang, the number of condotels offered this year increased as three times as those in the previous year, according to The Da Nang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Real estate investment trend in 2018 focuses on hotels, condotels that have  star rating from 3 stars

Condotel has quickly become a trend in hospitality property in recent years due to the attractive benefits, effective investment channels and modern living experience. Owning luxury condotels in the best coastal cities, you not only have a great life in the "second home" but also can invest to get high profits.

"Powerful assistant" raising the high class of condotels

With the "throne" of the condotels, smart investors have keep an eye on the promising segment. The real estate market witnessed the strong capital inflow of domestic and foreign investors in the construction of condotels as well as PR/marketing activities.

Cocobay Danang creates an amazing fever  in condotel investment

Regarding luxury condotels, interactive experience adds its high value and the attractiveness. Although the condotel has not been completed yet, customers can still feel the "virtual touch" of the project through immersive VR space or 3D architectural movies from Fresh House.
Thanks to that, stunning condotels easily conquer project developers and most difficult investors. The largest hospitality and entertainment complex in Southeast Asia - Cocobay Danang has been emerging in that trend. 3D perspectives and architectural films are the important elements that shows distinctive exterior and interior. Fresh House has been proud of becoming a powerful partner to help Empire investors promote the message and design of condotel projects. It contributes to increase the demand for investment and push sales.
In addition, Fresh House also visualized many unique condotel products in Cocobay Danang. Our services support to deliver variety in condotel projects including Coco Wonderland Resort – the fairyland for kids, Coco Ocean Spa Resort – wavy architecture with stunning lighting technology, or Coco Musica Resort – the ideal place for the youth to enjoy joyful parties.

Being the pioneer in the field of Design and CGI in Vietnam, Fresh House has been trusted by domestic and foreign partners to visualize their real estate projects. Each image, movie and interactive experience that Fresh House produces are effective sales tools. Thanks to them, property developers can introduce condotels to potential investors perfectly. Moreover, our talented architects make the great contribution to the beauty of condotels in Vietnam.